Real Estate

Our primary focus is in long-term rental properties. However, we also work with and invest in short-term and mid-term rental properties. We work in both single family residential homes and multifamily commercial properties. Real Estate investments offer lower risk and long term growth.

Business Acquisition

Business investment opportunities offer the potential for significant growth with manageable risk. Our team seeks well-structured, smaller organizations with potential for us to take a strategic, value-add role. We specialize in SaaS, agencies and home services sectors.

Exit planning

The majority of small businesses struggle to sell when the time comes. We want to change that. We help owners define their goals, create strategic exit plans, and work side-by-side to achieve a successful outcome. Many owners spend decades building amazing businesses, supporting families, only to find they can’t retire as they’d hoped because they never prepared their company for the transition. We help prevent this loss and secure the generational wealth you’ve worked so hard to create.

Currently Targeting


Currently seeking a service company operating primarily online with a stable growth profile, generating between $250000 and $900000 in Seller’s Discretionary Earnings (SDE), with management in place or enough earnings to support adding a management team. The company must be relocatable or have the ability to continue operating online. There should be a clear opportunity for impacting growth by either expanding the range of services offered by the company or by scaling existing offerings.

Real Esate

Currently seeking single-family and multi-family opportunities with existing low-rate loans in place


Also, we are seeking families who are looking to purchase but are struggling in an environment where high interest rates make payments for a new home purchase unattainable.