about us

We are a small team focused on growing wealth through strategic investments and helping other's do the same.

Luda Cooke

As a licensed realtor and experienced investor in long-term, mid-term, and short-term rentals, Luda Cooke crafts personalized investment strategies focused on life-changing, long-term security.

Prior to real estate, Luda built, inspected, and maintained zip-lines around the world. This demanding work, both logistically and technically, honed her advanced problem-solving skills. This allows her to overcome barriers and achieve results. Luda understands that taking action is key to reaching your investment goals, and she’ll tirelessly push your projects forward.

Jonathan Cooke

Jonathan leverages his extensive data analysis expertise to drive business growth, acquisitions, and successful exit planning. His career spans multibillion-dollar public companies to startups, providing experience in large-scale transitions, rapid scaling, and strategic turnarounds. With a Master’s in Business Administration from Mississippi State University, Jonathan combines data-driven insights with a passion for organic and acquisitive growth strategies. His expertise in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence empowers him to solve complex business challenges with precision.

Our Mission

Build wealth strategically while helping others achieve their goals.

Our Values

Investing is available to anyone willing to work hard, dedicate themselves to learning, and possess the grit to get it done.